Apart Together Vol. 39 Covid-19 Update


Dear Friends,

Yesterday started out with a meeting of our Cornwall Covid Emergency Management group.  Statewide, Covid still continues to push numbers up in Connecticut – yet Cornwall continues to do well.  Very generous donations have come to the Food and Fuel Fund.  Our medical first responders have started getting vaccinated in group 1a.  More details of the State’s vaccination program can be found at https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccination—Phases and https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccinations.

As a volunteer ambulance driver, I received my 1st Moderna shot at Sharon Hospital.  The shot itself was painless with only a little subsequent soreness.  I expressed my appreciation to the nurses administering the vaccinations.

From there it was back home to watch the historic events unfold at the Nation’s Capital.  I am thankful that the first responders & secret service kept our threatened elected representatives safe.  The rioters’ behavior – characterized by the Senate leader as a “failed insurrection” – was a cumulation of recent years of division and hate speech.  An attack on our Nation’s Capital and democratic processes is an attack on rights and freedoms we all enjoy as Americans.  Democracy is not a spectator sport and we must all reaffirm our commitment to heal our Country’s divisions.  These divisions have only made our efforts to stop the pandemic less successful.  We will hope, pray and work so things will improve in 2021.

Please stay safe and alert.  Apart, but always together,

Gordon Ridgway,

First Selectman

Town of Cornwall, CT

PS: Heather Dinneen’s Food Pantry Wish list…

Heather’s wish list:

— Kids Snacks & Juice Boxes

— Tuna

— Soups – all varieties

— Cereals – especially those more for adults – Special K, etc

— Black Beans

— Laundry detergent

(Donated items can be sent to The UCC Church, 10 Bolton Hill Rd, Cornwall, CT 06753.)

Volunteer Ambulance Driver / First Selectman – Gordon Ridgway at Sharon Hospital, moments after receiving his initial dose of Moderna Covid19 Vaccine

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