Moving out of an urban lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up anything!  You can buy a great house, get into our excellent local schools and work remotely.  The work-life balance truly exists.

Considering Cornwall?

Let us show you around.

Cornwall is home to writers, artists, farmers, business owners, tech entrepreneurs and offers nature, culture, sport and a friendly community spirit.

    Meet some of our Cornwall neighbors

    Gary Steinkohl & Casey Cook

    We didn’t find Cornwall – Cornwall found us. After looking at 100 houses the one we chose had everything we wanted – most of all a proximity to nature. And we grew into the town which has a very different character from a nearby town where we lived. Cornwall, to us, is charm, sweetness, respect for nature, and people liking it because it is not pretentious. There is the calm and safety of a small town even though Cornwall itself covers a large area.

    We were warmly welcomed at the annual ‘Newcomer’s Tea’ hosted by the Cornwall Association (of which we are now active Board members, including this year’s town-wide community art project, the Cornwall Barnyard Animals). And we also got involved with the Cornwall Conservation Trust (CCT) where 5 years ago we founded Cornwall’s annual “Clean-Up/Green-Up Day” where volunteers go around town roads and clean up garbage and also plant perennial flowers. This year we will clean up on and around trails. 

    There is much more to Cornwall that we enjoy and love, and know others feel the same.

    Rocco Botto

    My wife Iris has deep roots here; her family can be traced back to Cornwall’s colonial era. We have lived in Cornwall for about a decade and bought our home 4 years ago where we are raising our 3 kids and from where I run my own business in digital marketing.

    Being a parent in Cornwall is great. The schools are top-notch and everyone is friendly and willing to help out.  In fact, much of Cornwall is run by people stepping up on various boards and commissions. This becomes a direct type of local democracy.

    Cornwall offers a small-town lifestyle and a vibrant cultural scene – you don’t often find these co-existing.  There are recreational activities all year round.  Cornwall’s commitment to agriculture and the environment serves to protect the town’s natural assets for the next generation to enjoy.

    Don MacKinnon

    Lisa and I thought that leaving the West Village would mean leaving the creative people in my community in exchange for a more pastoral retreat, but I am amazed at how many creative people are here – many that I knew and some I have met since we arrived.  There is so much craft and art happening in Cornwall – in a real and unpretentious community way.  

    That Cornwall creative energy kicked in during Covid.I launched a new company, a podcast discovery platform called Hark ( Lisa turned our greenhouse into a studio for her jewelry design. And our daughter Emma – who deferred her senior year at Skidmore and stayed with us here – wrote her first novel. Things get done here!

    My vision of my life has changed – as things open up, I thought I would go back to the city more often.It is so different here, not just to New York but to the other towns in the area. There is more of a small town character, a sweetness, a respect for nature.The people are so friendly, and our beagle Pickles loves to visit the Farmer’s Market.

    Virginia Gold

    My father’s family goes back over 200 years in Cornwall. I spent summers here as a kid and moved here full-time in 2014. My father was dying at the time and needed help and we had five kids and wanted the family support.  Now I work in Sharon with Women’s Support Services.

    Coming home to Cornwall was great for my kids, even more so now that I am a divorced parent.  My kids belong to a community.  Cornwall provides them the ability to be embedded in multiple generations.  Although Covid paused things a bit, the school has always been a hub of activity. People from the community get involved in the school.  Students interview long-time residents in town, have mentors for projects, take field trips to local businesses and farms.  People go into the school and do presentations about their occupations, read aloud, share their lives.  Everyone comes to performances and graduation.  My kids know adults when we go anywhere – to the transfer station, to the farmer’s market, to the library.  

    On top of this, Cornwall offers so much outdoor activity – skiing, swimming, hiking, sports.  We get to be outside as an extension of our home; my kids are comfortable in nature.