Traveling from village to village on two wheels in Cornwall is a fun adventure. Cornwall’s network of lightly-trafficked small quiet town roads provide an ample supply of bicycle routes and tours. Cycling in the NW corner of Connecticut can be challenging since the terrain is quite hilly, but it is also very rewarding, and there are many quiet backroads which are gently rolling through beautiful pastoral countryside.

Welcome, Yankee Pedalers

Terry Burke about Cornwall’s part in a new interstate bicycle route. Video by Juergen Kalwa. From the Welcome, Yankee Pedalers story in the April 2023 issue.

Western New England Greenway

Cornwall has the Appalachian Trail passing through, but it also has a long-distance cycling route -the Western New England Greenway. This route, which is now officially recognized as U.S. national Bike Route 7, runs through Cornwall on its way north, linking the East Coast Greenway in Norwalk, CT to the Canadian border in Vermont.

For those interested in exploring this route, maps and details may be found on this link:

Greenway Website

Top Cornwall Cycling Routes