Storm Update

Update Friday 11 AM: Route 7 in Cornwall Bridge was especially clobbered by the recent storm with several hundred customers in the Kent Falls area still without power. Eversource crews are actively working to get power restored by tonight, along with addressing the last couple of other areas in town still without power.

5 PM: Most of East Cornwall is still without power and we have reached out to our contacts at Eversource to actively address ASAP along with several other smaller pockets still remaining without power in town.
3 PM: According to Eversource as of 3 PM, there are still around 300 customers without power in Cornwall. Crews are deployed and actively working through the remaining pockets in town.

Thursday 11 AM: Power has been rapidly restored to most of Cornwall. There are still a few pockets of town without power as crews work their way through town. If you don’t see your area highlighted on the outage map below, it’s always good to report it to Eversource just to make sure they are aware.

Thursday 9 AM: Last night’s storm left almost all of Cornwall without power. Cornwall, Goshen, Kent, and Warren have many downed trees and power lines. Eversource is out and about with crews en route to Cornwall. Parts of Cornwall Bridge still have power including the gas station if you need fuel for your generator. Roads are generally passable except Route 7 by Kent Falls. The transfer station is closed, but the beach remains open. It could be a while until power is restored due to the widespread damage. We will have additional updates mid-morning.

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