With the price of real estate soaring and a limited supply of year-round rental units, it has become increasingly difficult to find affordable housing in Cornwall. To remain a thriving town with vibrant schools, essential businesses and effective volunteer services, we must be able to house the people who provide the resources we count on — and who make Cornwall a wonderful place to live.

Currently, the housing needs of many of those critical to our community are not being met. Young adults who grew up here, professionals and tradespeople, families seeking to lay their roots… These groups and others are largely without options, as are longtime senior residents needing to downsize and hoping to age in place. The town has begun to address these issues. In 2021, Cornwall developed an Affordable Housing Plan, which identifies a range of strategies to help solve the town’s housing needs. To access the Plan, go to: https://cornwallct.org/2021/12/21/final-draft-affordable-housing-plan/

To execute this Plan, Cornwall has established an Affordable Housing Task Force which meets on a regular basis to:

  • Broaden awareness of the need for more affordable housing in Cornwall
  • Engage the community in developing innovative housing solutions, including home sharing, co-housing and the creation of accessory apartments
  • Create new multifamily housing that is harmonious with the Cornwall spirit and aesthetic
  • Expand homebuyer options through the existing Parcel Program and other means
  • Explore zoning and permitting changes that will serve the town’s housing needs
  • Consider establishing a fund to assist residents with down payments, repairs, and renovations

Additionally, a Cornwall Housing Advocate has been appointed to support members of the community seeking to obtain, maintain or provide affordable housing. To contact Cornwall’s Housing Advocate email: housing@cornwallct.gov

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