History of the Bridge

The community of West Cornwall is home to one of the last covered bridges in Connecticut. Measuring 172 feet long and 15 feet wide, the West Cornwall Covered Bridge (which carries vehicle traffic over the Housatonic River on Connecticut Route 128) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been a symbol of the area’s rural heritage for almost 160 years.

Attempts to build bridges at the site go back as far as 1762, but local ice storms and floods, like the Flood of 1837, claimed these early attempts at crossing the Housatonic. Research has shown that the current structure was most likely built in 1864. It is made of sturdy red spruce, a wood stronger than oak, and held together using treenails, wooden pegs that are wedged into place. It is a lattice truss design, known in the 1800s for providing light-weight yet efficient and durable load-bearing capacity.

Visiting the Bridge


You can visit the bridge year round. There are bathrooms and other amenities available along with local shops, river access and hiking trails along the river.

The Bend is now open!

The Bend is located just south of the Covered Bridge on Lower River Road and provides a parking area with bathrooms and access to the Housatonic River.

Local businesses

Covered Bridge Electric Bike

Electric Bike Sales & Rentals 100′ from the West Cornwall Covered Bridge.


A welcoming shop that offers a diverse selection to suit any taste. Clothing, home accents, kitchen ware, textiles and jewelry may be the handiwork of a local artisan or a discovery sourced from across the globe by the shop’s owner.


A shop with a contemporary guild of craftsman that make individually-handcrafted Shaker Furniture in West Cornwall


Celebrated French restaurant offering a fixed-price, locally sourced menu with limited seating & hours.


Just across the river in Sharon, CT is Clarke Outdoors which is the go to place for river rentals and guided trips.


Local Goods

The Local sells all local goods to the public. Profits flow back to the farmers, artists, artisans, cooks and craftspeople who live and work in Cornwall!


Meeting Venue

The Union is a high speed internet venue where people can come and conduct zoom calls, meet socially distanced or hold band practice! During this time we are reservation only but hope in the future to be a place where people with lap tops can gather and collaborate!


Bridge Gallery