As the pandemic has demonstrated, out of necessity comes invention. Cornwall is thriving with people working from home, building new businesses and collaborating on civic infrastructure.

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    Meet some Cornwall business owners

    Libby Mitchell


    In 2007 I met Jim Herity who became my husband. He would always want to go kayaking from River Road to Kent. That was our thing. In 2010 we saw a ‘for sale’ sign by a house on River Road and we moved in.

    I am West Cornwall-centric. Since we moved here there has not been robust business center as there once was. I saw a need that could benefit the community. The idea of The Local was to make it a center – a place where Cornwallians could sell the things they make. The Local is now stocked with products from over 20 vendors including 6 farms, 3 chefs, artists, potters, and others. Proof that we are a town of cultivators, creators and producers.

    The Local, and its next-door neighbor co- working space, The Union, are funded by the Hughes Library fund. Located on the Housatonic River, the Hughes Library has a long term goal of becoming a science and environment library.


    Bob & Meg Ensign


    While most people would say it was borderline lunacy, I didn’t look at it like that; I didn’t look at it as a gamble. I think biking just works; the electric bike opens up the sport to so many more people.

    I love West Cornwall so I decided to open the store here; there should be more to it but there isn’t. We like Sharon – we live in Sharon – but there is something about West Cornwall. We used to come eat here (at The Wandering Moose, a restaurant that for many years was the occupant of this space) all the time. Cornwall is beautiful in an unpretentious way. The bike tours we organize rely on beauty of this area.

    Coming out of the pandemic our business now is more appointment based and driven by word of mouth. It is wonderful to be next to the bridge and I have noticed foot traffic increase especially during the leaf season.

    To circle back, when I say I wanted to be HERE in Cornwall because to me it is a diamond in the rough; it is not spoiled. I think of all the nearby towns and there is something here so much more charming.


    Janet Carlson


    When John and I finally decided to leave Brooklyn we did a long search, exploring at least 8 states.  Once we settled on Connecticut, we looked at probably 8 or 9 towns, finally settling on West Cornwall for our residence and our business.

    The schools were a huge priority for us – we wanted excellent public schools from kindergarten through high school.  We loved the river, the mountains and the idea of being part of a community.  We were lucky and found a large enough building for both our agency and our home. We moved our business (One Eleven Group, a marketing agency focused on healthcare, finance, education and tourism) our employees and our family in 2009.

    Fitting into the community was easier than we anticipated; we were welcomed and made to feel at home. Now I chair Cornwall’s Economic Development Committee where we support existing business and help people start new businesses here – whether writing business plans, negotiating rent, helping with promotion and marketing.