Boards & Committees

Volunteering can be very rewarding and it is an opportunity to help your community and become part of the decision making process. It is also a great way to meet new people, keep busy, and get involved in your Town!

The Town of Cornwall looking for experienced volunteers for Boards and Committees to give their time and talents serving the Town. Whether you are retired or just interested in community involvement the town would appreciate your help.

Some Boards meet quite often, some once in awhile, and some are busy at different times of the year.

Please call the Selectmen’s office at 860 672-4959 for more information.

Minutes & Agendas 2024 Meeting Schedule

How Cornwall Works

Board of Education

Town Board
Current Members
Clerk: Anne Kosciusko; 860 672-2939 ext. 3
Iris Hermann '27, Chair
Emilie Pryor '25
Dean Saccardi '25
Hugh Cheney '27
Rachel Matsudaira '27
Martha Bruehl '25
Rep to HVRHS Board: John E. Sanders '23
Board Page

Agricultural Advisory Commission

Town Commission
Current Members
William Dinneen, Jr. Chair
Garrick Dinneen
Chris Hopkins
Allyn Hurlburt III
Wendy Kennedy
Ted Larson
Jennifer Markow
Spencer Markow
Mary Riccardelli
Brian Saccardi
Peter Ripley
Dana Saccardi
Dean Saccardi
Susan Saccardi
Lynn Scoville
Hunt Williams

Board of Finance

Town Board
Current Members
Joseph Pryor '29 Chair
Carl Zejke Hermann '25
Jessica Brackman '29
Simon Hewett ''27
Kate Sandmeyer Ward '25
Gary Steinkohl '25
Alternates: Cody Gillotti '25, Richard Wolkowitz '25
Board Page

Park and Recreation

Town Committee
Current Members
Jennifer Hurlburt-Markow Director
Michele Shipp '25 Chair
Vacancy '25 Vice Chair
Erin Berry, Secretary '24
Melissa Bronson '24
Stacey Dolan '25
Wendy McFarlane '24
Stephanie Jeski '25
Beth Dinneen - Alt '25
Kim Jackson '24
Vacancy - Alt. '25
Minutes & Agendas Park & Rec Website

Board of Assessment Appeals

Town Board
Current Members
Richard Bramley '27
Richard Wolkowitz '25
Vacancy '25
application for Board of Assessment Appeals Board page

affordable housing commission

Advisory Commission
Current Members
Jill Cutler, Chair '28
Oscar Anderson, Secretary '26
Pamela Weltzien '28
Ingrid Ellen '28
Ginni Block '28
Jessica Brackman '26

Caitlin Lynch ’26

minutes & agendaS housing pAGE

Conservation Commission

Advisory Commission
Current Members
Deborah Bennett '24
Katherine Freygang '25
Vacancy '24
Vacancy '26
Heidi Cunnick '25 Chair
Lisa Keskinen '26
CCC Bulletin Website

Energy Task Force & SustainableCT Team

Task Force
Current Members
Gordon Ridgway
Katherine Freygang
Anne Zinsser
Richard Griggs
Deborah Bennett
Rick Wolkowitz
Bruce Bennett
Barbara Wolkowitz
Jill Cutler
Statement Resolution General Notice

Cornwall Grange #32 Trust Fund

Trust Fund
Current Members
Chris Hopkins '25
Susan Saccardi '23
Wendy Kennedy '24

Economic Development Commission

Town Commission
Current Members
Rocco Botto, BOS Rep.
Oscar Anderson '24
Richard Bramley '25
Mare Rubin '24
Simon Hewett '26 Chair
Bianka Langner Griggs '25
Gary Steinkohl '24
Jane Herold '26
David Keisman '25
Christopher Sampson '24
Duncan Webb '26
Website Committee Page

Inland Wetlands & Water Courses Agency

Town Agency
Current Members
Steve Hedden '25, Chair
Debbie Bennett '25
William J. Hurlburt '25
Jeffrey Morgan '25
Peter Demy '25
Alternates: Allan Bahn '25
Robert Nethery '25
Commission Page

Planning AND Zoning Commission

Town Commission
Current Members
Anna Timell '29 Chair
Keith Bodwell '27
Christine Gray '29
Phill West '25
James LaPorta '27
Stephen Saccardi '25
Alternates: Michelle Schipp'29, Bruce Bennett '27, Will Evans '25
Commission Page

Zoning Board of Appeals

Town Commission
Current Members
Carl Hermann '25
Scott Cady '29
James Stewart '25
Betty Spence '27
Barbara Wolkowitz '29
George Wolfe '27
Alternates: Caroline Daifotis '26, Vacancy '25, Vacancy '28

Town Historian

Town Board
Dorothy Clarke-Wolfe '24

Cornwall American Rescue Plan Fund Committee

Town Committee
Current Members

Jen Markow

Diane Beebe
Gordon Ridgway
Barbara Herbst
Joe Pryor
Heather Dinneen
Elizabeth Ridgway
Committee Page

Housatonic River Commission

Advisory Commission
Current Members
Philip Hart '26
Barton Jones, Alternate '24

Justices of the Peace '21

Current Justices '25
Brown, John F. Jr.
Dave Cadwell
Gordon Scott Cady
Margaret Cooley
B. Daniel Evans
Mark Hampson
Allen G. Herkimer III
Judith A. Herkimer
Carl Hermann
Phyllis Nauts
Priscilla Pavel
Debra Tyler
Katherine M. West
Phillip R. West