Cornwall has a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Our town has many artists, craftspeople, writers, and other creatives. We have a couple of well known yearly shows such as Art at the Dump and the Rose Algrant show along with some local galleries where art is displayed.

Art Shows & Galleries


Cornwall Artists Open Studio

Bringing Art, Artists, and the Community together in Cornwall.

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The Rose Algrant Art Show

For the past 60 years, Cornwall artists have exhibited in the Rose Algrant art show. Media include: paintings, photography, drawings, ceramics, rugs, prints, fiber art, sculpture, jewelry, and digital art.


Cornwall Library

The Cornwall Library often hosts and displays artwork and installations of local artists.

Early May

Art At The Dump

As the saying goes, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Everyone’s taste is different, and that’s a good thing. The things that you enjoy are the things that make you who you are. They influence your style, your taste, and the type of art you create.


Artists of Cornwall

Cornwall has long been a haven for artists, writers, and intellectuals.

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