Apart Together Vol. 36. Covid-19 Update

Apart Together
Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update, Vol. 36
December 10, 2020
Red Zone Continued

Dear Friends,

Cornwall has seen more Covid Cases during the past week. Our Covid work group
continues to monitor case numbers with our State and Health Department partners. We are
continuing to push for more testing in our area. The State has a good website with plenty of
information at https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus and https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/COVID-19-
Data-Tracker. Our Social Service Agent, Heather Dinneen and her crew continue their great work
keeping residents fed and in touch.

Cornwall Fire & EMS continues to respond 24/7 to emergency calls. Big thanks to
Emergency Management Director Diane Beebe for securing necessary Personal Protection
Equipment for our 1st Responders.

Cornwall Consolidated School remains open with a vigorous virus protection program.
Thanks to the staff for continuing to provide an excellent education in challenging times.
Housatonic High School has gone to remote learning.

I enjoy going around Town looking at all the holiday decorations. A light dusting of snow
reminds us of our Town’s beauty. Thanks for taking the necessary steps to keep us safe – alone,
but together.

Gordon Ridgway, 1st Selectman
Town of Cornwall

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