Covid-19 Update: Into the Red Zone

Apart Together
Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update, Vol. 35
December 4, 2020
Into the Red Zone

Dear Friends,

Today Cornwall joined most Connecticut Towns in the Covid Red Zone based on new
positive test results reported in the past two weeks (9). Now only 9 out of 169 Connecticut
Towns remain at a lower level. It is possible to read too much into the red zone, as a few
families can tip the numbers in a small town. But more importantly, it shows we are part of a
national trend of quickly increasing Covid infections. Connecticut’s higher positive test rate of
over 7% shows community spread is real here. We have had a case at Town Hall with a part
time worker whom is now in isolation after a positive test.

This trend line has been predicted for some time. I have spent time this week with our
Federal, State, Regional, and Town partners working to make sure we are as well prepared as

• From U.S. Representative Johana Hayes I received encouragement that a Covid Relief
Bill is possible in Congress.
• From Governor Lamont’s staff I got re-assurance that testing in rural areas will be
ramped up.
• From Torrington Area Health District, I received help on developing protocols for
quarantining and returning to work.
• From the people of Cornwall, the Food and Fuel Fund received over $10,000 since
Thanksgiving, partially due to the benefit talent show. Thanks to all who contributed.
• State Representative Maria Horn checked in as she has recently been appointed Chair of
the Connecticut Legislature’s Public Safety Committee which oversees emergency
responders and response.
• I have worked with our Cornwall 1st Responders and Emergency Management to update
our response protocols and test equipment.
• I listened to Governor Lamont’s tele-conference where he discussed Covid vaccines

which are due to arrive in Connecticut later this month. It will be at least the end of
January before Health Care Workers, Nursing Homes, and Emergency Responders are
vaccinated with the general population to follow. So that is great news – help is on the

We have to get through the next few months. Dr. Redfield, Head of the CDC, stated
yesterday this will be the most difficult test of the U.S. Health Care System with some hospitals
already filling up their ICU’s.

There are some areas that are statistically doing better than Cornwall, yet there is
nowhere else I’d rather be in this time of emergency. Thank you to all those who are continuing
to take the necessary precautions like mask wearing, not making unnecessary trips, and checking
up on neighbors.

I would also like to welcome our new community members. I look forward to making
new friendships and renewing the old ones once things calm down. But for now, we need to
hunker down apart but together – for the best possible outcome.

Thank you,
Gordon Ridgway
1st Selectman
Town of Cornwall

PS: More detailed information on precautions can be found on the CDC, and Torrington
Area Health websites. ( ; ; https://www.tahd

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