Cornwall Thanksgiving Message

Dear Friends,

Last week I spent two nights at Sharon Hospital probably due to a tick-borne disease.
This week I feel better and very thankful to be back in Cornwall having received excellent care.
Joyce, Jayne and Diane transported me over – taking the appropriate Covid precautions. My
E.R. nurses had both grown up in Cornwall as had several other of my health care providers.
C.C.S. is well known to foster graduates who are now in the health care field.
I am thankful to have a well-run hospital nearby, especially in these times. The staff was
able to quickly run a variety of tests to determine my illness.

I was also able to keep in touch with our able team at town hall with my smart phone. Of
course, things were running smoothly, including the Selectmen’s meeting. Continuity of
operations at its best.
I heard from Heather Dinneen that over 130 people in Cornwall are being served
additional food – including Turkeys this Thanksgiving.
Our vigilance still needs to be at its best for Covid during the Holidays. More cases have
been identified here as community-spread continues. Please limit your chances of infection by
reducing exposures. There will be plenty for our neighbors on the frontlines to do this Holiday
season without overloading our local healthcare system unnecessarily. I would urge people to
stay remote but together until we get to a better place. Despite the challenges, I think we in
Cornwall have a lot to be thankful for. I know I do. Thank you.
Best Wishes,
Gordon Ridgway
First Selectman
Town of Cornwall, CT
Please watch the Town Hall Players Talent Show benefit for the food pantry. The video will be
posted on the day after Thanksgiving.
Thanks to Jim La Porta and Fred Scoville for lighting the tree on the Cornwall Bridge Green!

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