Cornwall Ranked 100th in America’s favorite small towns to visit surveyed 3,000 families to pinpoint the top 150 towns across the country where they’d like to vacation this year. At No. 100, Cornwall, the “Greenest Town in Connecticut” is also one of the smallest towns in Connecticut, with a population of just 1,567 reported in the 2020 census. This rural gem sits atop the Housatonic River in Litchfield County and in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, and boasts a portion of Mohawk State Forest. Cornwall has also been called the ‘Home of the Covered Bridge,” a reference to the 1864 West Cornwall Covered Bridge that is still in service today, and a popular tourist destination. The travel website called out Cornwall’s hiking, fishing, biking, as well as the town’s historic sites, shops, and restaurants.

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