Notice, Town Meeting, April 23, 2021 @ 7:30 PM via Zoom

Click on the link below for a PDF of the Notice…
Notice Town Meeting April 23 2021

Click on the link below for Budget Hearing Notice and Proposed Budget:
FY ’22 Proposed Budget

Click on the link below for the Five Year Capital Plan:

Click on the link below for the 2019-2020 Town Report:
cornwall-town-report-2019-2020 (1)

Click on the link below for the Assessor’s map of the West Cornwall “Firehouse” Lot:
West Cornwall Firehouse lot assessors map

Click on the link below for the West Cornwall “Firehouse” Lot Field Card:
W Cornwall Firehouse Lot Field Card

Click on the links below for info on the Sydney Kaye Fund and the Cornwall Endowment Fund:
1) Sydney Kaye Fund
2) Cornwall Endowment Fund 4.22.21

Who may vote. At any town meeting other than a regular or special election the following may vote:
1) Any person who is an elector in the town.
2) Any citizen on the age of eighteen or more, who jointly or severally is liable to the town for taxes assessed against him on an
assessment of not less than $1,000 on the last completed grand list of the town, or who would be so liable if not entitled to an
exemption under sub-sections (17), (19), (22), (23), (25) or (26) of section 12-81, unless restricted by a special act relating to
the town (S. 7-6).

To request the zoom link, please contact Jonathan at or 860-672-4959

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