“Everything That Cornwall Is”

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Some say you can’t be all things to all people. But when it comes to serving the town and people of Cornwall, and even visitors passing through, Rocco Botto is convincingly defying this accepted rule. As the web designer, developer and leading force behind the soon to be revealed, entirely revamped cornwallct.org website, Rocco is passionately committed to making the “best town website in the state of Connecticut.” In fact, he and his fellow website committee members have spent an estimated 400 volunteer hours working to achieve this goal.

A sneak peek at the new website, in its final phase of development, reveals a robust, easily navigated and aesthetically inspired digital destination packed with information for three distinct yet overlapping audiences/users—government, community, and visitors. Thanks to photos by Lazlo Gyorsok, the site also visually conveys Cornwall’s abundant natural beauty and vibrant community. Lazlo, who has served on the committee since being one of the key players in the launch of the current website 20 years ago, reflected on the new site: “Rocco’s work is fantastic… and it’s time for the younger generation to take the lead.”

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