Economic Development Commission – Agenda, Minutes 12/22/2020

EDC Agenda Dec 22 2020

EDC Minutes 12_22_20 (1)

Cornwall Economic Development Commission
EDC Minutes 12/22/20 @ 7:30 p.m.
The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm. In attendance was: Janet Carlson, Priscilla Pavel, Dee
Salomon, Kate Ward, Bianca Griggs, Lee Pryor, Arnon Fisher, Gordon Ridgeway
●  No minutes to review as there was no meeting in November
●  Dick Sawyer and Todd Piker are rolling off the EDC. There are new people who want to join EDC
and they will be sending resumes for discussion in January
●  Kate – Treasurer’s Report:
○  $5,100 is planned to spend
○  Updated budget for 2021 is $5195.00
○  Budget item to discuss in new business later
●  Gordon – P&Z, Water & Septic:
○  Planning to start committee meetings in January
○  Spring referendum for the town
○  Got word that USDA looking like a grant for 45% of project
○  EDC to help with presentation
○  P+Z:  implementation of town plan.  Passed a housing initiative to allow home owners to split
off up to 2 plots as long as over an acre for affordable housing.
○  Cornwall allows home-based businesses; big gain for the town. Janelle has reworked regulations
to make them more user friendly. In Jan P+Z has town forum.  Seen more people participating and
comment on issues facing the town.  Future facing.
○  Town has to have a housing plan by 2022.  What is the current housing stock. Housing study group
to work with Janelle.
●  Janet/Dee:
○  The holiday window decoration has had phenomenal response- lots of traffic on the street.
Lakeville journal had a story about The Local and the windows.
○  Bill sent expenses – will need to move budget around to fund as was over budget by $600
–        Motion to approve additional $600 for the holiday expenses.  Bianca made motion, Kate
seconded.  Motion carried.
○  Opening of The Local. Dee discussed the success of The Local.
○  Still need to edit and augment some things in Explore Cornwall website
●  Unfinished Business
○   The group will focus on chosen priorities, which are as follows:
○  Develop and carry out a Buy/Hire Local campaign (Winter, coinciding with Farmer’s Collective),
while supporting the Explore Cornwall site, encompassing the year-round Farmer’s Market. (Janet,
Dee, Lee)
○  Support the community hub with a speaker series (Kate/Simon) when the Union reopens (Zoom?).
–        1st presentation in November.  Was on PPP loans.
–        Next one about starting a business in Cornwall.  Will be in January
○  Improve connectivity in Cornwall via cell and fiber (Janet/Arnon/Lee)
○  Beginning to engage with public with a website page that has updates
–        Budget
–        Buy/Hire Local – $500.00 page on Explore Cornwall, social
media campaign, flyers
–        Explore Cornwall Site – $1,000.00 annual fee paid to Civic Lift
–        Social media campaign, Round 2 on “Consider Cornwall” –
–        Support year round Farmer’s Market (Farmer’s Collective)
$1,400 toward refrigerator, freezer, $400 merchandising
–        Business speaking series – $200.00
–        Interns for social media support on Explore Cornwall –
–        Holiday promotions – $300.00 decorations, social media promotion
●  Next meeting is January 26, 2021
●  Motion to end meeting and seconded
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