Cornwall Launches Top Town Website in State

Town, community, and visitors sites unified.

(Cornwall, CT., January 1, 2021) – Cornwall, one of the smallest and most culturally vibrant towns in the state, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly enhanced website,

Designed to provide a unified experience across key channels and representing the town and local community, the website is just as user friendly whether you’re on a computer or mobile device. Visitors will enjoy the increased site speed and easy navigation, along with many new features and benefits.

“The vision was to build the best town website in the state where civic, community, and visitor websites are combined for a unified and consistent experience across these key channels. We would be the first town in our area, perhaps the state, to bring it all together and hit it out of the park for our constituents and visitors alike”

– Rocco Botto (Principal Developer for the project)

About the Cornwall Web Committee

The Cornwall Web Committee is an independent and lively group of dedicated volunteers tasked with the mission of creating a vibrant digital presence for the town we love. Our website is a fusion between the town and local community, which is a very Cornwall thing. Founded in 2001 by luminaries ahead of their time, our site is unique, representing the community, town, and visitor information in a single, unified experience. Sincere thanks to Lazlo Gyorsok for allowing us to use his captivating photos of Cornwall. They truly demonstrate what makes our town special.

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