Apart Together Vol. 34 Covid-19 Update

Dear Friends,

You are probably aware that Covid case rates in Connecticut continue to climb. The
hottest zones continue to be mostly in Southern Connecticut compared to Litchfield County. We
now have three unrelated confirmed cases in Cornwall in the last two weeks; more than we’ve
had since July. So every precaution, including mask wearing, social distancing, and hand
washing, need to be redoubled. Also, it is advisable that people cut down their social
interactions with non-family members. Of special concern is the up coming Thanksgiving
Holiday when family members traditionally travel to gather together. This year people are urged
to use virtual visitations as much as possible. The Town Hall Players are compiling a
spectacular virtual Cornwall Talent Show the day after Thanksgiving for the benefit of the food
pantry. (Details on Website). Plans are underway to light the tree on the Cornwall Bridge green
with solar lights.

Heather Dinneen, our wonderful social service agent, reports steady demand at the food
pantry including some large families. Her wish list is:

— Canned Corn
— Rice – white
— Cake and Brownie Mix
— Juice boxes and Kid’s Snacks
— Cereals – especially “grown up” kinds
(Cheerios, Special K, etc.)
— Canned tomatoes – especially whole and
— Cooking oils
— Soups

Plans are underway for increased provisions for Thanksgiving.
Donations can be sent to Food and Fuel Fund, Box 97, Cornwall, CT 06753
Food donations (including surplus garden produce) can be brought to the back of UCC
church and left inside the back doors, or shipped to: UCC Church // Food Pantry, 8 Bolton Hill
Road, Cornwall CT 06753.
Voting went well at CCS. Cornwall’s participation rate was among the highest in
Connecticut. Thanks to all the voters for the cooperation with everyone being patient and
wearing masks

Stay Safe,
Gordon Ridgway
First Selectman
Town of Cornwall, CT

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