Cornwall Arts & Remote Entertainment Space

Cornwall Arts and Remote Entertainment Space


The Cornwall Arts and Remote Entertainment Space is a new initiative, spearheaded by Gordon Ridgway to “harness our creative talents and help keep spirits up.” Did you take a photo, create or admire some artwork, create or read a poem or story that moved and boosted your spirits? If it speaks to you in these troubled times and you wish to share it, please send your contribution to


Cornwall online offerings


Stories & Poetry

Video & Performance

Visual Arts

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Cornwall online offerings


 “While we were home,” pictures of the people of Cornwall during the COVID-19 pandemic, by Lazlo

Check out Cornwall Library’s “Virtual World”

Rose Algrant show, a fundraiser for the Cornwall Food and Fuel Bank



Bach’s 4th Brandenburg, with graphical score,” posted by Tim Prentice

Bach Cello Suites, Yoyo Ma,” posted by Bianca LaPorta

Bach B-Flat Prelude,” with Anne Chamberlain

Appalachian Spring,” New York Philharmonic (posted by Molly Larrison)


Stories and Poetry


A Tuft of Flowers posted by Ella Clark

Blessing of Cold Air by Mare Rubin

The Stars in the Sky by Dean Saccardi (posted by Susan Saccardi)

An Old Story by Tracy K. Smith (posted by Jacque Schiller)

Sometimes” by David Budbill (posted by Bianca LaPorta)

Home Movies: Part 1” by Tom Levine

Hope is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson (posted by David Colbert)

The lights are on in Cornwall” by Dean Saccardi (posted by Susan Saccardi)

Dancing Cheek to Cheek” by Patrice Demombynes


Video and Performance Arts


corona virus in containment in West Cornwall,” by Richard Griggs

Puccini – “No Corona” (Nessun Dorma),” posted by Anne Chamberlain  

The Golden Lady takes a walk around Cornwall,” by Ellen Moon

Cornwall, CT Lazlo and Still, the Homegrown Band,” (posted by Cara Weigold)

Space Oddity” (posted by Marguerite Purnell)

What the world needs now,” Boston Conservatory (posted by Avery Chase)


Visual Arts


Family Heirlooms,” by Carole Trevas-Fleisher

Pandemic Gifts: Watchful eye and coco-macaroons,” by Katherine Freygang

Pandemic Response: Stop for Stillness,” by Katherine Freygang

Cornwall Valley,” by Carole Trevas-Fleisher

Roses Are Love,” by Sybil Perry

April snowstorm-Milton,” by Robert Cook

Noah,” by Rudi Wolff

Hope,” by David Bean

Hedge Rows,” by Brian Christaldi

Cowrun,” by Brian Christaldi

Autumn Stream,” by Ray Olsen

Hindsight is 2020,” by Emily Waters

Tornadoed Tree Stump,” by Carol Goodfriend

Evening Walk, Dibble Hill,” by Molly Morgan

Rebirth,” by Lyndee Lou Hayes

Covid 19 Annihilator,” by Marilyn Olsen

Crocuses in bloom,” by Valerie Pinnette

Active Nature,” by Martha Loutfi

Burst of spring,” by Martha Loutfi

Lonely Walk,” by Lazlo Gyorsok

Tulips!,” by Susan Francisco

Confinement,” by Alexis Delletery

St. Bridget’s Church,” by Richard Sears

Peggy’s Cove lighthouse,” by Richard Sears

Heart to Heart,” by Eddie Watkins

Purple Finch, male,” by Larry Master

American Goldfinch, male,” by Larry Master

Non-communicable Corona Virus,” by Richard Griggs

Woodland Stable,” by Tom Walker

Simply put, love grows,” by Deirdre Fischer

The Birches,” by Treasa Pattison

Sliver of Light,” by David Colbert

Luminosity,” by Ira Barkoff

Cornwall from inside,” by Susan Van Doren

Hart Preserve,” by Oscar Anderson

Farrier at Work in Kinvara,” by Mike Redmond (posted by Eileen Gargan)

Lulu,” by Karen Bartomioli

Hay Bales with Holstein,” by Kathleen Hulser

Pushing Spring,” by Anne Zinsser


Worldwide cultural offerings


Recreate artworks with Household Items, on the Getty blog

Find any artwork imaginable at Google Arts & Culture (also a mobile app)

Join a weekly singing event with the Sofa Singers


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