Tim Prentice

In Tim’s barn workshop there is a bevy of activity. Dave Bean, who has been with Tim for around 22 years, is at the drafting table assembling a Prentice commission. In the office, Ellen Moon is getting an invitation ready for mailing and Marie has just stopped by to see how everything is progressing. Not present are Dave Colbert who Tim regards as “his spiritual advisor” and Richard Griggs who, in addition to assembling sculpture for Tim, is in charge of the shipping department. Above the drafting table hangs a large serpentine work in progress made of thousands of small squares of Lexan held together so precisely with special wire hooks that it resembles the smooth scales of a giant mythic creature. It is an animal however, that depends for its life entirely on the vagaries of air currents around it. A small wisp of air brings it to life in undulating splendor and as it gathers momentum creates a delicate ripple of sound as pure as an alpine waterfall.